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Trinity Digital is a newly formed initiative which seeks to produce affordable, high quality video for churches, Christian groups and individuals.


Trinity Digital is run by film-maker Murdo Macleod, a graduate of Digital Film and TV at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama. Murdo has been a Christian for about fifteen years and a film-maker almost as long. He is passionate in his determination to continually raise the professional standard of each of his films. He has produced or directed several award-winning short films which have been screened at festivals in Toronto, Chicago, Stamford and all across the UK and which have won awards with BAFTA and the Royal Television Society. All film-making is collaborative and Trinity Digital are proud to work alongside an array of talented and innovative actors, artists, musicians and film-makers.

In Development

Concepts currently in development include a study series investigating issues of basic doctrine and belief; a set of stand-alone drama-docs retelling some of the stories of Christian history; a variety of short contemporary parables and other dramas; and an eclectic series of documentaries working through the books of the Bible.