If you wish to host or organise a public screening of "Knox", you will need to apply for a license from us. We are keen for the film to be shown as widely as possible, but as the copyright holders, we need to keep a track of where and how the film is being shown. We can also help you by supplying you with resources for the screening.

Be as specific as you can, but if you don't have a venue established, at least give the town/area
If unknown, please write TBC


Trinity Digital will arrange with you a cut from the ticket sales, based on the venue and anticipated audience.

By Donation

Trinity Digital asks that you donate a portion of the collection to the continued work of the company, at your discretion.

Free Entry

Trinity Digital requests no additional fee.

Please note that Trinity Digital requests that a bulk order of at least ten DVDs is put through, to be made available for the audience to purchase at the screening. Discounts are available for bulk orders.