With a background in drama, Trinity Digital is passionate about producing cinematic fiction which connects powerfully with our audience.

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The Bishop and the Beggar

The Bishop and the Beggar

Filmed in Belfast, this film was completed in 2017 and is now entering film festivals around Europe. It is a modern urban parable, centred around the two title characters, who live parallel lives in opposite worlds.

Trailer for ‘The Bishop and the Beggar’

Seeing Grace

Trailer for ‘Seeing Grace’

This film was shot in Oxford as a collaboration with theatre company TouchPoint Productions. It tells the story of schoolgirl Grace, who falls for the charms of abusive Nicky.

As Nicky’s abuse emerges more fully, Grace starts to believe her life has no hope and no rescue. But even in the darkest of places, light can shine.

'Seeing Grace' is now the central element of the S.L.A.V.E. educational campaign, which seeks to raise teenage awareness about sexual abuse.

Clip from ‘Seeing Grace’

Trinity Digital director Murdo Macleod draws on his professional experience from working on large studio productions such as Left Bank’s ‘Outlander’, Paramount’s ‘The Alienist’ and Universal’s ‘Dracula Untold’. Trinity Digital also continues to collaborate with other independent film production companies to produce exciting new drama.

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‘Quest for the Silver Pearl’ by Fellowship Films

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‘Birches’ by True Films