Trinity Digital’s debut film is an award-winning documentary feature on John Knox, reformer of Scotland.


Renegade. Reformer. Revolutionary. Five centuries after his birth, the influence of John Knox can still be felt right across Scotland. But who was this man? What did he do and why today is he both valued and vilified?

knox with laurels

In addition to success in film festivals and competitions across the world, Knox continues to be broadcast in many different countries, and is selling well on DVD and on digital download platforms.

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Saints and Scholars

Trinity Digital produced this documentary for the Christian Heritage Centre in 2017. It is now installed as an exhibition in the historic Round Church, Cambridge.

A clip from ‘Saints and Scholars

Narrated by acclaimed actor David Suchet, “Saints and Scholars” reveals the impact Christianity has had on the history and culture of Cambridge and thereby of the world.

A clip from ‘Saints and Scholars

New Scottish Hymns

This conversational piece was produced in 2016 with the New Scottish Hymn Bands, led by songwriters Greg de Blieck and Ellyn Oliver. It was created to mark the release of their second album, “We Shall All be Changed”

Paisley Abbey

In 2012, before Trinity Digital was fully founded as a company, we produced a documentary charting the history of Paisley Abbey – one of Scotland’s foremost religious houses.

A clip from 'Paisley Abbey'