We are delighted to say that "The Bishop and the Beggar" has had a run of success recently on the film festival circuit and we have every confidence that more will follow.


Our film was shot in Belfast in 2016, and although delays in editing meant it was not completed till 2017 we are now at a stage where people are able to see the film and appreciate it. Our first festival was "Short to the Point" in Bucharest, our second was "Devour Film Festival" which Murdo attended in Belfast, and the third is "Carmarthen Bay Film Festival" in which we have been nominated for "Best Faith-Based Short Film".

We are also going to be screened at the "Inspired Faith Film Festival" later this month in Atlanta, Georgia. It is a testament to the hard work put in by all who worked on this film that we have done well with it and interest has been shown by the wider film-making community.