Following the global success of "Knox", Trinity Digital are developing a new feature-length docudrama on the renegade medieval philosopher who first translated the Bible into English: John Wycliffe.

"Morningstar" will travel around England and Belgium, following in Wycliffe's shoes as we discover his story: the challenges he faced, the mistakes he made, and the victories he won. In tense, dramatic scenes, we will be brought face to face with Wycliffe as he struggles to survive in the great conflict between church and state. Meanwhile, historical and theological experts will probe further into Wycliffe's thought and legacy, helping us to understand the motives of the man behind the myth.

"Morningstar" is still in development. Talks have begun with financiers and distributors, and the hope is that we will be able to move into formal pre-production later this year.

For further information about this exciting project, please drop us a line