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More screenings for "Morningstar"

The work continues on getting Morningstar distributed to the widest audience possible and we continue to run public screenings. 

DVDs and downloads continue to sell regularly through the Morningstar website and we are now glad to announce that DVDs are ready in American format also. 

Meanwhile we are working with churches and community groups to run screenings of Morningstar. January saw screenings in North Tolsta, on the Isle of Lewis, and in Pelsall, in the West Midlands. Three more screenings are scheduled for February.

On Saturday 4th February, at 7.30pm, 'Morningstar' will screen at Deeside Christian Fellowship in Aberdeen.

On Thursday 16th February, at 6pm, there will be a screening at Golgota Church in Budapest.

And on Tuesday 28th February, at 7.30pm, the film will screen at the Gate Church International in Dundee.

We are delighted to see the film being screened in different places and for different groups and communities, so if you would like to run a screening in your area, please get in touch.

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