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Finalist in the ICVM Crown Awards

The last three weeks have been a whirlwind of activity, as “Morningstar” has finally arrived. We are now half way through our premiere tour.

To date, we have shown the film to over 850 people, screening the film in churches, cinemas and community centres. Combined with our online audience, well over a thousand people have now watched the film and the reviews are very positive.

A review from the Christian Institute calls the film eye-catching, dramatic and engaging. 

The Church Times particularly enjoyed the digital backgrounds to the drama scenes. “Their very artificiality produces a heightened sense of the real battle for the soul at stake in this piece.”

Writing in Premiere Christianity Magazine, Eddie Arthur, of the Wycliffe Bible Translators, says “It’s not a high action, Marvel blockbuster; it’s much more important than that.”

To cap it all, this weekend we have been put forward as a Finalist for the 2023 Crown Awards. For those who are not aware of the Crown Awards, these are something like the independent faith-based version of the Oscars. We are one of five films nominated for 'Best Documentary' and the winner will be announced at a big event in America in 2023. So it's a great honour to have this nomination.

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