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When it comes to film production, collaboration is key and we'd be glad to work with you in bringing your films to life.

Script Development

Every script can benefit from a fresh perspective. Trinity Digital offers script writing and development services for both drama and documentary productions. Whether you are developing a script and looking for feedback, or whether you are looking for a writer to partner with you in development, we can help.


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Murdo's script report was one of the most in depth, full reports I had received to date. The report covered a lot of useful details and I think the most helpful aspect of it was Murdo's analysis of our film's script structure. It made us go away and really rework and tighten the structure and character motivations to create a much stronger and neater structure, making us really deal with plot points and characters making decisions. The time between sending him the script and receiving the report was very fast compared to other script report services and the feedback proved vital to our story development.

Murdo's input in the writing process has been absolutely invaluable; he worked with us to identify any weak points, analyse the problems and find solutions. He is precise, rigorous and objective. Murdo helped take our script to the next level.


If you are looking for a production company to take on your project, or to work with you in a co-production then we'd love to hear from you. We are used to working on a wide range of projects and scales, but we believe that the same core values of integrity and dedication can produce pieces of worth and beauty.

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Murdo was an essential source of advice for me. He gave me tips on the software to use and how to ‘start from scratch’ as I needed to adapt a 2 hour play to a 30 minute film. Murdo was an invaluable help to me, and the film would not have taken off, let alone gained two awards, without his commitment to me and my project. 

"I began with a vision to create my first short film, but soon discovered that undertaking this alone was no easy feat! Thankfully, Murdo at Trinity Digital was on hand with a wealth of experience, technical skills and creative talent. Communication was excellent from the outset and he worked with my vision and script to transform it into a professional piece which has been widely viewed and well received. Murdo was very patient and encouraging, giving lots of great advice and tips which have been invaluable for subsequent productions. He also had a wonderful rapport with the child actors in the film. Thank you Trinity Digital - highly recommended!"

Post Production

At Trinity Digital, we have extensive experience in post production for indie films, with a particular specialism in colour grading. If you are looking for an editor, a colourist or anything in between, we'd love to hear from you.


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"Murdo introduced excellent creative ideas in post-production whilst remaining sensitive to the original brief. Trinity Digital are efficient, friendly and professional collaborators. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with them again."

"In all my dealings with Murdo I have found him to be an enthusiastic and highly conscientious artist. The colouring for our short film was approached with professionalism and efficiency as Murdo outlined the workflow and had open communication about rates and dates. As to the quality, Murdo is a perfectionist in the best possible way! His passion for his work is evident and the results speak for themselves. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is serious about their project and wants it to be the best it can be."

Trinity Digital appreciates that film-making is often done on a very tight budget. We can work with you to find what can be done with your available funds.

Please get in touch with the details of your project.

Trinity Digital appreciates that film-making is often done on a very tight budget. We can work with you to find what can be done with your available funds.

Please get in touch with the details of your project.