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22 February 2018


120', Drama, For multiple platforms


A cinematic adaptation of Christopher Marlowe's famous play, “Faustus” tells the well known story of an ambitious medieval scholar ready to do anything in his quest for fame and power. Clawing his way higher and higher, with less and less moral quibbles, Faustus eventually takes the final step. Making a deal with a demon called Mephistopheles, he sells his soul in exchange for endless life and power on earth. 

Using and abusing his power to the utmost extent, Faustus rises to tyrannise the world, but finds his victory is turning to ash in his mouth. There is no joy left in life, and his soul remains forfeit. In desperation, he turns for help to his old enemies in the church – the very ones he had attempted to destroy. But it may be too late for even them to help.

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