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22 February 2018


6x60' series for TV/VOD, Docudrama, Four Seasons


Proof of concept trailer.Footage courtesy of FilmSupply/MusicBed

Few events in history have had such an impact as the Christian Reformation. Europe was split down the middle, medieval religion came to an end, and a rejuvenated faith exploded out across the known world.

Following directly in the path of our previous films “Knox” and “Morningstar”, “Reborn” is an episodic series that explores the full saga of the Reformation in all its epic conflicts, rich cultures, personal dramas and spiritual searchings. It spans the whole European continent over several generations but always focuses on the human lives that drive the story forward.

All these concepts are in the developmental or scripting stage. If you are interested in hearing further information about any of these projects, please get in touch.